Thankful for our parishioners

Updates, updates, updates! We're a busy parish!

If you've taken a look at the Ss. Peter & Paul the Apostles Parish website, you know it changes often, reflecting lots of ways our Parishioners are staying busy building the Kingdom even though the Covid pandemic has changed how we do things.

Hundreds are still heading to Mass daily or on Sundays, keeping their masks on and using hand sanitizer -- basically respecting the health of our fellow parishioners.

Faith Formation is starting, thanks to diligent efforts by our priests, staff, volunteers and families.

RCIA is starting a new session to welcome people into the Church.

Our Catholic Women's Bible Study is engaging about 40 women in a new Fearless & Free study. The photo is a screenshot of participants in the Zoom 1 small group sharing what they learn from home. There are 4 groups meeting in open-air locations practicing social distancing and Zoom 2 small group also gathers online. Several of our regular CWBS participants opted to do their own independent study during this season.

The Knights of Columbus were recently able to conduct installation of officers.

Prayer warriors are committed to this fall's 40 Days for Life peaceful prayer vigil. Everyone is welcome to pray from home. But dozens will pray outside the Sarasota abortion facility on our parish vigil date Oct. 9, practicing social distancing and perhaps all will don their masks, too, in an effort to prevent exposure to Covid. We were especially honored that 40 Days for Life CEO/cofounder Shawn Carney attended the area kick-off, as you saw on our website recently.

Our youth are encouraged to participate in the upcoming Youth Soccer Challenge later this month at St. Joseph Parish.

The Catholic Women's Association isn't meeting, either, during Covid. But they are an enterprising bunch leading lots of parishioners in writing notes and greetings to folks living in a number of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the like.

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry members have continued making prayer shawls, lap robes and afghans to send to the Mullen Home for the Aged, a Little Sisters for the Poor home for the neediest elderly. And Ministry members work yearround on similar items that our parishioners can request for shut-ins and health facility patients/residents.

Our beloved Msgr. Moretti is remembered in the annual golf outing. The upcoming tournament will benefit the area's Disabled American Veterans and St. Joseph Food Pantry.

These are only a few of the ways Ss. Peter & Paul the Apostles parishioners are honoring God and our fellow citizens. Look for more uplifiting news about staying productive, prayerful and positive in these unusual days.

Thanks be to God for our lives, our health, our parish!