Respect Life

To join our 40 Days for Life email list, send your contact info to [email protected]

Click on the 40 Days for Life logo, above, to visit its official website. Sidewalk prayer warriors and anyone interested in becoming trained sidewalk counselors can find information by clicking the logo above.

Our prayer warriors offer peaceful prayer in front of the Sarasota abortion center during each 40 Days for Life international prayer campaign and on the second Thursday of each month as part of the 365 component.

Pray at home if you can't join us on the sidewalk in Sarasota. Thank you Home Prayer Warriors!

Click here for statement from Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops statement on June 2022 Supreme Court Statement about Roe

Our parish has a vibrant group of prayer warriors for Respect Life/40 Days for Life

We stage for various pro-life events and issues.

This montage chronicles our November 11, 2021, prayer vigil as part of our parish 40 Days for Life/365 campaign.


This montage chronicles our October 14, 2021, prayer vigil as part of the fall 40 Days for Life campaign.


The montage below chronicles our July 4, 2021, sidewalk prayer & rosary event on the sidewalk along 75th Street at the parish entrance.


Community Pregnancy Clinic

We encourage all pro-life friends to learn more about the Community Pregnancy Clinic, located just around the corner from the Sarasota abortion center. Click the photo below to visit the CPC website.

Go to www.PrayForBabies.com/cpci

Go to www.PrayForBabies.com/cpci

Locally, the Solve Maternity Homes serve women in need of care during pregnancy.

Click the logo for information