Rosary Makers



We belong to "Our Lady's Rosary Makers Guild," located in Louisville, KY. The beads, strings and crosses are purchased from them, assembled by our Rosary Group and mailed back to Kentucky for distribution to Missions around the world. They get the Mission addresses from Priests and Nuns who teach the Rosary and other prayers to those who believe in Jesus, and are less fortunate then we are. It is a beautiful mission to know that a small hand or an adult is going to be holding a Rosary that we made. We receive a "News letter" from the Guild which lets us know where and who is asking for Rosaries.

It is a wonderful feeling when one of these foreign places write back to us and thank us for donating our time and spreading the gift of the Rosary. We are joined around the world with prayers for them and they for us.

The work of our Group is a wonderful way to help spread the word of Our Lord and Blessed Mother, Mary.

If you would like to join this beautiful ministry when meetings resume, you can come and join us on any Tuesday morning between 9:00 and 11:00 a. m. in the Msgr. Moretti Center. We always welcome anyone with a warm smile, and will teach you how to make the Rosary.

If you are interested in finding out more about this Ministry, please call Karen at 941-465-3189.