Lighthouse Catholic Media


The Knights of Columbus offer an exciting Evangelization ministry/opportunity here at SS. Peter and Paul The Apostle Church. It is called Lighthouse Catholic Media.

In the vestibule of the church is a beautiful kiosk that holds many different titles of CDs. The CDs are audio recordings of inspiring talks on various topics of Catholic life to help build up your faith in God and give inspiration in your life.

You will hear the best speakers in the world, people such as Dr. Scott Hahn, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Blessed Mother Teresa, Matthew Kelly, Fr. Robert Barron, and many more.

What listeners say

This has renewed my love for the Mass and for Jesus!

It is hard to express the spiritual impact this CD has had on me. I don’t believe I will ever celebrate the Eucharist the same way again!”

This has brought me back to the Church! This CD helped me tremendously!”

These CDs have given me the strength to face my weaknesses and remind me of the covenant I have with my Lord Jesus Christ.”

How many of us have family or friends who have left the Church? How many of us want them back home in the Church?  The good news is that 53% of those who come back do so because someone in the Church gave them a CD or a book.

Pick up some CDs to help you continue to grow in your faith, and help a loved one come home to the Church by passing some CDs on to them. We are all called to evangelize. There can be no easier or less expensive way than through these inspiring CDs.

A suggested donation of $3.00 for each CD will help to maintain this ministry and enable us to continue to bring in new titles every couple of months (this is less than one-half of the retail price). The most important thing is to know Jesus Christ. These wonderful CDs will inspire you to fall in love more and more with Jesus and His Church.

You can also signup for the CD of the Month Club and have the CDs shipped directly to your home. Please take a few minutes to see what we have to offer. It could change your life or the life of someone you love! The Knights of Columbus are available to answer any questions.