I wish I had written that down!

Father's homily included great points I want to remember. Wish I'd written them down!

I just saw a great Christian movie. Wish I'd written down its title and website!

My friend just told me about a great Catholic book she read. Wish I'd written down the title!

Wish no more, friends! There are so many beautiful notebooks/journals you can take to Mass or always carry with you in your purse or tote. You can find lots of them at Beall's Outlet and many stationery stores and bookstores.

I love having mine with me at Mass. I note the day's readings, write some notes about them, and some salient points from the homily.

Faith-based notebooks make lovely gifts for birthdays and holidays, or just because you need more notebooks/journals.

Keep them nearby to note your reflections, daily prayer intentions, and to review whenever the Holy Spirit prompts. You'll be glad you did!