Podcasts and more!

Have you ever tried to answer questions from non-Catholic friends, but found yourself floundering for the right words? If you’re like most Catholics, you yourself may wonder why we believe what we say we believe and why we do what we do. Call on the Holy Spirit to help you!

You can find your answers in a number of places without embarrassing yourselves. Our Catholic Women’s Bible Study participants offer only a few ways to search the internet for information and answers. Enjoy!


Just click on the name to go to the various websites. Also, you can type your question or a keyword into your favorite search engine to learn lots more! 


  • The Chosen, on YouTube -- About the life of Jesus, really brings the Bible to life! Introduces various persons from the Bible, helping answer our questions of who he was and what role he played in Jesus’ life.
  • Fr. Chris Alar from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, https://www.marian.org, presents a new talk every Saturday at 11 AM. You can find it on FaceBook live and soon thereafter on YouTube for viewing. Some topics have included: sacramentals, why we bow and kneel, the use of statues and crucifixes, apologetics and more.
  • How to Pray Like Mary, by Sonja Corbitt -- a short, 6-lesson study w/ videos, very profound & practical! (You can buy it on Ascension Press, $20 plus shipping, or create your own profile/account and select from any of Ascension’s offerings)
  • Whisper (Finding God in the Everyday), by Danielle Bean -- This young woman writes so well, gives wonderful examples from her own life that offer great challenges (Ascension Press, $16 plus shipping)
  • Why we need to go to Mass -- Fr. Mike at Ascension explains in a welcoming, conversational video podcast.
  • Lots more videos and podcasts at Ascension https://media.ascensionpress.com


Podcatchers allow you to listen to a podcast whenever you want. You can find them in your app store, some are free, some are standard on your smartphone. Below are the logos of a few podcatchers to give you an idea of what to look for.

Below are a few podcasts we like and would recommend. 


Tampa Bay's Hit Christian Music


Just be willing to look for the answers you seek -- from the list our CWBS friends provided above, or from a trusted Catholic friend, from a priest, on a Catholic publisher’s website, even on the radio. You’ll be so glad you did!